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Computer Science
Hello, I am a Pre-Computer Science Major at the University of Kentucky, and I'm looking for a summer Intership or Co-op in or around the Cincinnati in the field of computer science or more specifically software engineering and cyber security.


College of Engineering

Aug 2018 - Present   
Pre - Computer Science

University of Kentucky.

I am currently in CS 216 which is a C++ class that focuses on object-oreinated coding

Relevant Courses: Exploring Engineering, Fundamentals of Engineering Computing, Algebra & Trig for Calculus, CS215

Skill Set



Computer Software Skills

Adobe Suites
Power BI
Microsoft SSRS
Crystal Reports
Visual Studios
Microsoft Office

Work Experience

Fischer Homes

May '19 - Aug '19

I was an intern for the buisness intelligence team at Fischer. My responsibilties were:

  • iDashboards
  • MySQL
  • Crystal Reports
  • PCC or Pervasive
  • SQL
  • Sapphire Support
  • Microsoft SSRS
  • Power Bi


Aug '17 - May '18

As an Intern I did tasks in many parts of the company to see what it was all about. Most of the tasks I did were related to computer administration.

  • IT Setup for companies
  • Mass computer imaging
  • Cyber Security
  • How to do a network audit
  • Setting up IT Glue for the company
  • Set up and configured a server
  • Learn how to do proper IT customer service
  • Learned how to document Companies IT info in an organized, secured manner


Dec '16 - May '18
Team Member

Worked up in the front and worked as a team to get food out fast as well as dealt with costumers in a happy and pleasing way. Also worked in the back as a team member were fast skills and team work were key.

  • Collaboration
  • Customer Service
  • Team Work
  • Cooking skills


Trying to use my resources all my example code and projects will be viewable on github. just click a link you are intersted in and it will take you to the desired repository.

Short example code


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