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Computer Science
Hello, I am a Pre-Computer Science Major at the University of Kentucky, and I'm looking for a summer Intership or Co-op in or around the Cincinnati in the field of computer science or more specifically software engineering and cyber security.


College of Engineering

Aug 2018 - Present   
Pre - Computer Science

University of Kentucky.

I am currently in CS 216 which is a C++ class that focuses on object-oreinated coding

Relevant Courses: Exploring Engineering, Fundamentals of Engineering Computing, Algebra & Trig for Calculus, CS215

Skill Set



Computer Software Skills

Adobe Suites
Power BI
Microsoft SSRS
Crystal Reports
Visual Studios
Microsoft Office

Work Experience


Dec '16 - May '18
Team Member

Worked up in the front and worked as a team to get food out fast as well as dealt with costumers in a happy and pleasing way. Also worked in the back as a team member were fast skills and team work were key.

  • Collaboration
  • Customer Service
  • Team Work
  • Cooking skills


Aug '17 - May '18

As an Intern I did tasks in many parts of the company to see what it was all about. Most of the tasks I did were related to computer administration.

  • IT Setup for companies
  • Mass computer imaging
  • Cyber Security
  • How to do a network audit
  • Setting up IT Glue for the company
  • Set up and configured a server
  • Learn how to do proper IT customer service
  • Learned how to document Companies IT info in an organized, secured manner

Fischer Homes

May '19 - Aug '19

I was an intern for the buisness intelligence team at Fischer. My responsibilties were:

  • iDashboards
  • MySQL
  • Crystal Reports
  • PCC or Pervasive
  • SQL
  • Sapphire Support
  • Microsoft SSRS
  • Power Bi


Since it's 2019, Im using github to display to my project and snippets of code to display my knowledge. So please click the link to go to my github repository Projects and Coding Examples.


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